Image by Caroline Feelgood

At the moment we are happy to invite you to 3 courses. Every course consists of 6-8 sessions in small groups or individually.

  • CONVERSATIONAL.  Learning to speak, without using ‘artificial’ phrases, learning through practice+ Grammar added only when needed review, Spelling according to the need of individual. Each sessions begins with a drill;

  • GET READY for TESTS - FCE/PET/IELTS/ - working through main tasks of those tests. Each test is taught separately.

  • GRAMMAR for Improving spelling, pronunciation and intonation;

  • JOB- LETTER writing, Interview questions, Formal and Conversational English.

 Get in touch please write a letter- after registration – send payment – get access to Zoom/Skype/ Discount

and the material of the entire course. Get 30 Minutes Consultation.

You might like to work in your own pace and have now and then consultations- get materials from Patreon: video+exercise + consultation.

Classes are held in ZOOM or SKYPE. You can also play DISCORD. We are with you/We get in touch to see what is the best for you and answer any questions.( 30 minutes)

NB More information in the posts with titles CLASSES ADULTS A1 etc