Class or WORKSHOP/Club Session?  What suits you better.

Classes have drills, grammar and lexical exercises and based on books. They drive you from one step to another.
Workshops aim to use what you know and improve your grammar and knowledge through conversation. You practise and have grammar etc as an additional feature.
Classes are held in ZOOM or SKYPE. You can also play DISCORD.

'Teens' meant children age 11+. They are separate age units for 11-14 and 13-17 groups.
There are  Courses for any age over 11 + And special one for Grammar and Pronunciation specifically for ADULTS('General groups') and TEENS. 
 Get in touch- send a letter-registration -get an answer- send payment – get access to Zoom/Skype/ Discount and the material of the entire course. More information you can get from the posts with title CLASS A1 or CLASS B1-B2 etc
                 We get in touch after receiving your letter to answer any questions and have general chat. ( 30 minutes)

You might like to work in your own pace and have now and then consultations - get materials from Patreon: video+exercise + consultations.